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 1-2-3 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Aoyama Building 7F

SPA development using Vue.js
Native app development with Flutter

We will entrust you with the development work for the entire front-end area.
The front-end team is responsible for a wide range of in-house Web application and mobile application development.
For example, SelfU is developing a web application for end users, a mobile application for employees (Flutter) for stores, and an application for printing slips in the kitchen (Android native).
We are looking for colleagues who can promote development together with a sense of speed while balancing the quality of the product code and the user experience of both restaurant customers and staff.

Development environment upgrade system (cost of purchasing desired gadgets, licenses, etc.)
MacBook Pro provided (keyboard language selectable)
Dual display environment

◇ Backend programming languages: Go, PHP
Frameworks: Laravel, FuelPHP, Node.js
Configuration management: Terraform
Cloud: AWS
Container orchestration: AWS Fargate, Kubernetes
Container Virtualization: Docker
CI: CircleCI

◇ Front-end programming languages: Dart, JavaScript, Swift, Kotlin
Framework: Flutter, Vue.js
App: iOS, Android
CI: Bitrise
Error monitoring: Sentry

◇Common Tool Repository Management: GitHub,
Ticket Management: Jira, Redmine
Communication: Slack

2 months ago