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 Minato-ku Roppongi

【About the company】

The company is a major fin-tech group company that operates the largest virtual currency sales and exchanges in Japan. In accordance with the vision of “Easier the world with blockchain”, the company aims to achieve a bright future that will bring advancements and convenience to society and life through an information revolution by challenging the social implementation of blockchain.

【 Your role is... 】 

The position and role will be decided based on your skills and work experience.

In order to realize the social implementation of blockchain, the company is looking for engineers who can promote everything from basic research and development of original blockchains to application design and development by using blockchains.

< Mission examples >

Research and development of original blockchain (from theoretical level research to development of theory into a product).
Design and development of in-house services using blockchain (design/development of API for web or application, construction of infrastructure, etc.).
System architecture design and smart contract development in joint business services with partner companies.

< How to proceed tasks >

Individuals are working voluntarily while cooperating with each other in a team of members of various nationalities. The style of development is agile development using Scrum and the internal communication between members is conducted in English.

< Development environment & tools >

Language: C #, C ++, TypeScript Framework: .NET Core, .Net Framework, ASP.NET Core, Angular Virtualization
Infrastructure: Docker, Kubernetes
Cloud service: Azure
Code management: git

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Japanese - Conversational
English - Business

1、Front end Engineer(Typescript)
2、Ruby Engineer(Ruby)
3、Rails Engineer(Ruby on Rails)
4、Infra Engineer(AWS)
5、Full stack Engineer(Ruby & Typescript)



- 言語: Ruby 2.6, TypeScript
- フレームワーク: Hanami 1.3, Cycle.js
- ツール: Swagger (OpenAPI 3)
- インフラ管理: Docker, Terraform
- ミドルウェア: MySQL, Redis
- デプロイメント: AWS Fargate, CircleCI
- 監視: Mackerel, Datadog
- タスク管理: Notion

- 0→1フェーズに関わることができる
- 少数精鋭の優秀なメンバーと仕事をすることができる
- 弁護士と仕事をすることができる
- Legal Tech分野で未だかつて存在しなかった全く新しいプロダクトを世に送り出し、日本の法務を変革することができる

- ゼロベースでのプロダクト開発経験
- DDDを活かしたアーキテクチャでの開発経験
- まつもとゆきひろ氏(Matz)とRubyについての議論ができる
- インフラ、サーバーから研究開発分野まで各方面で優秀なエンジニアと交流できる
- 京都大学の研究者と技術やプロダクトについて議論ができる

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