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Amazon Web Services
 104-0061 6-18-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Nomura Real Estate Ginza Building 11th floor

You will be involved in infrastructure construction/operation and improvement of development processes for each business of the Medpeer Group.
Our mission is to improve the development environment in line with the Medpeer Group's business strategy.

[Current development environment]
At Medpeer, all services are built on AWS, and the main development languages are Ruby, PHP, and Golang.
Database uses MySQL, MariaDB, Aurora. We use Fluentd / ElasticSearch / Kibana for log collection and analysis.
Infrastructure is AWS. We have introduced Packer and Terraform for configuration management, using Capistrano for deployment tools, and NewRelic and Mackerel for performance monitoring.
The team is developed on GitHub, using JIRA for task management, Confluence for information sharing, and Slack for chat tools.

[Specific work content]
・Development/operation of back-end system for stable processing of Medpeer product traffic・Improvement of performance of applications and middleware to realize high-speed response・Development/operation of various operation automation tools・Data analysis Log collection and analysis base for rapid operation, operation and operation, construction of monitoring environment for failure detection and capacity planning, operation, development of MedPia products, environment for stable and speedy QA and CI Construction and operation

about 2 months ago