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Front-end engineer (React Next.js)

3 months Ago

Job Description

Development of next-generation business management cloud "Loglass"

  • As an engineer, you will carry out development work without barriers between server side, front desk, and infrastructure occupations.

  • In addition to implementation, it is a business to design products through dialogue with customers, CS, sales, and PM.

What to expect from new members

  • What we want to achieve is to deliver good products to our customers without compromising quality in a situation that changes rapidly every day.

  • The current team can improve to some extent, but one of the risks is that it becomes difficult to unlearn over time.

  • We are looking for new members to be "people who will update the Rogras development team from a flat perspective."

Development environment / tools

  • Server side: Kotlin, Spring Boot2

  • Frontend: React, Next.js, Redux, Angular, TypeScript (state management: Akita)

  • Database: Aurora PostgreSQL

  • Infrastructure: AWS (ELB, ECS Fargate, RDS, S3, CodeBuild, Lambda, ...), Docker, Github Actions, Terraform, GCP

  • Others: Auth0 (IDaaS), DataDog, Sentry, GitHub, JIRA, Confluence, Slack, Figma

Development system

  • Logras is an organization of about 20 people including 9 full-time employees and outsourcing.

  • The age of the development team is in the range of 26 to 35 years old, and the ratio of engineers to the number of employees is 70%, and many engineer members are enrolled.

  • DDD

  • TDD

  • Scrum


Those who want to apply

  • Those who want to be involved in planning, design and development of Web service development

  • Those who are interested in improving customer productivity through web service development

  • Those who are interested in improving DX (= Developer Experience)

  • Those who want to implement the core logic of the service

  • Those who want to get involved in Saas service

  • Those who want to be involved in a wide range of development regardless of front / server side / infrastructure occupation

  • Those who want to create valuable products with various members such as customers, sales, customer success, etc.

Welcome experience / skills

  • Project management or team leader experience

  • Experience as an engineer at a business company

  • Front-end FW experience (React, Angular, Vue, etc.)

  • Those who are more customer-oriented and team-oriented than language-oriented

■Years of Experience : 3 years


Job Position Web Engineer
Type of Job Full Time
Annual Income -
Location 6th floor of Hulic Gotanda Yamatedori Building, 1-21-8 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031
Working Time 10: 00-19: 00 --Flextime (Core time: 10: 00-16: 00) --Overtime allowance (In addition to the basic salary, overtime pay for 45 hours of deemed overtime will be paid fixedly.)
Trial Period Yes


What's on Offer

Remote work is possible (full remote during an emergency declaration) Various types of insurance Full weekly leave 2 days Referral recruitment fee Coaching fee subsidy Commuting allowance Actual cost payment Moving allowance Childcare leave / nursing leave Paid leave 10 days when joining the company

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