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Infrastructure engineer

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Job Description

You will be responsible for the infrastructure construction, operation, and development of the next-generation store creation platform, "O: der Platform."

O: der Platform places orders directly from smartphones to real stores via the Internet. By linking the system with POS terminals connected to a large-scale network, it will become the infrastructure that supports next-generation digital stores. As the introduction to many stores accelerates in the future, it is required to increase the reliability of orders as much as possible. We will continue to make improvements based on indicators such as occupancy rate in order to create a "natural" way to order and receive food.

In a new genre where Internet technology and real space cross over, we are waiting for applications from those who want to inspire their knowledge and the technology they want to try.

### What you get from this job
--Experience and environment for digitally changing daily consumption behavior
--Technology and knowledge that can create next-generation stores that have not yet been established with 0-> 1.
--Knowledge of container-based infrastructure construction and operation
--Experience in designing and developing microservices and distributed systems
--Challenge to pursue reliability of services including offline devices

### Development environment

--Development environment upgrade system (purchase cost of desired gadgets, licenses, etc.)
--MacBook Pro provided (keyboard language selectable)
--Dual display environment

#### infrastructure

--Configuration management: Terraform
--Cloud: AWS
--DB: MySQL, Redis
--Container orchestration: ECS, Fargate, Kubernetes
--Log monitoring: Datadog

#### Common tools

--Repository management: GitHub
--Ticket management: Jira
--Communication: Slack

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Company HP

Company introduction material

Tech Blog

Showcase Gig blog


Required skills
--Basic knowledge about networks
--Experience in building and operating an environment using Docker
--AWS instance construction and operation experience

Welcome skills
--Practical experience as SRE
--Experience in developing large-scale, high-load systems
--Knowledge of server middleware and architecture
--Management work such as coordination between teams

Those who can understand the priority of the desired person product and think about what to do now from the infrastructure

■Years of Experience : 3 years


Job Position Infrastructure Engineer
Type of Job Full Time
Annual Income -
Location 7F, Aoyama Building, 1-2-3 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061
Working Time 10: 00 ~ 19: 00 Flextime (Core time: 10: 00-16: 00) Overtime allowance is available (In addition to the basic salary, overtime pay for 45 hours of deemed overtime is fixedly paid.)

- Saturdays and Sundays
- National holidays)
- Year-end and New Year holidays
- Annual paid leave (granted on the same day when joining the company)

What's on Offer

[Office environment]
- Lunch salad bar (fresh vegetables and bread, daily toppings such as meat and salmon)
- Free drinks (in-house special coffee and juice, limited-time drinks)
- All-you-can-eat nuts and dried fruits

- In-house product (SelfU / O: der) usage allowance
- Skill improvement support (subsidize book purchase, study session and conference participation fee)
- Support health care (fitness club) (Assistance for using the gym)
- Refalal recruitment allowance (500,000 yen will be provided to the introducer)
- Give paid leave on the same day when joining the company
- Go! Global system (subsidy for overseas travel expenses)
- Life stage support (short working hours during pregnancy and childcare) System, prenatal and postnatal leave / nursing leave system)
- Full payment of transportation expenses-Social insurance complete (Kanto ITS)

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Company Information

株式会社Showcase Gig(ショーケース・ギグ)

日常の消費体験をデジタリゼーションにより向上させる、 I oT デジタル店舗 開発を通して日常消費の利便性を 。
Showcase Gigは、そんな世界の実現を目指しています。 私たちのプラットフォームは飲食、小売、交通などを対象としていますが、この領域は広く、デジタル化にも終わりはないと見ています。Showcase Gigは、テクノロジーによって日常消費生活が今後さらに利便性高く効率化されていく流れの中で、欠かせない役割を担っていきたいと考えています。

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Company Features

Projects in English
Little Extra Work Hours
In-house Development
Visa Supporting
Have Foreign Employees