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[Undisclosed] Engineering Manager

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Job Description

We are already doing a lot of manufacturing projects, but we are a company that is developing technology at the same time while conducting a lot of hypothesis testing for manufacturing projects. We believe that how accurately we can test hypotheses about issues in the manufacturing industry and how much technology can solve them will lead to structural changes in the manufacturing industry.

[Business description]
・ General management of multiple engineering teams
--Organizational improvement, system design and improvement of team management and engineering organization

[Job description]
・ Engineering management in each of the following development teams
--Manufacturing costing product
--Manufacturing process / supply chain management products
--Drawing management product
--Manufacturing partner collaboration products
―In addition, we are planning new products
・ Scrum coaching in each development team
・ Recruitment, training, resource management in engineering organizations,
It is possible to be in charge of system design such as evaluation system and its improvement / development as a playing manager, and in some cases, to serve as an engineer role.


[Required skills]
・ Sympathy for releasing the potential of the manufacturing industry
・ Work experience as a software engineer and system engineer
・ Business basic skills such as problem setting and solution, communication, documentation skills
・ Experience in engineering management (for details, casual interviews and selection) I will ask you during the process)

[Welcome skills]
・ Recruitment funnel management experience including technical publicity of engineering
・ Engineering management experience in projects involving a large number of software engineers
・ Leader experience in teams working mainly in remote work, organizational management experience
・ Various certifications of Scrum Alliance
・ Engineering Experience in designing and operating organizations and personnel systems

■Years of Experience : 5 years


Job Position PM/Leader
Type of Job Full Time
Annual Income 6,000,000JPY ~ 10,000,000JPY
Location Tokyo Head Office (remote work available)
Working Time Flextime (core time 11: 00-16: 00)
Trial Period Yes

・Saturdays, Sundays
・National holidays
・Year-end and new year holidays
・Summer vacation
・Aannual paid leave
・Condolence leave,
・Sspecial leave at the time of joining the company (paid leave can be taken for up to 3 days even if it is less than half a year after joining the company)

What's on Offer

・ Transportation expenses (up to 30,000 yen)
・ Various vacations (summer vacation, year-end and new year vacation, refreshment vacation, repulsion vacation, etc.)
・ Subsidies (moving subsidy, child allowance, wedding congratulations, etc.)
・ Health examination / gynecology Examination cost burden
・ Office pharmacy
・ Office convenience store
・ Learning support (book purchase system, language learning support, manufacturing experience, external training support, etc.)
・ Company-wide commendation
・ Club activities
・ Engineers can apply for PC and display with desired specifications ..

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