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Web Application Engineer *Participate from upstream of new system development *

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Job Description

As an IT strategy partner for a certain life insurance company, we will entrust you with a web application / server-side application engineer.
・ Web system, server-side application design
・ Application implementation guidance
・ API (Java program) design and development
・ Maintaining a digital common system development environment

■ Business features:
You will be involved in the system development of Web applications running on the current digital common infrastructure. The digital common system that you are in charge of this time provides API between the front desk (My Page, HP, etc.) and DB, DB / file management, comprehensive information IF function, and provides the operation function and development environment of the entire system.・ I manage it. The digital common system defines and develops requirements in cooperation with the front desk (My Page, HP, etc.) and the core system that has a master DB. Belonging to a team that creates new services, you may also be involved in the work of thinking about services with members on the business side, so you can use the background you have experienced in terms of service development as well as system development. It is a work content that can be fully utilized in terms of. In addition, we are also focusing on skill development of young employees in the company, and we will also be responsible for training young employees using the actual machine verification environment using the development environment of the digital common system.

■ Our features:
We design, develop, and maintain software for a huge system that supports a certain life insurance business. We are developing batch processing and online processing programs for large general-purpose computers that process huge amounts of data, and the scope of the system development process is from requirement definition utilizing knowledge of insurance business and IT know-how, impact analysis, and external design. (Terminal screen, interface design for forms, etc.), internal design, programming, testing, and release to the production environment are consistent. In addition, we also carry out project management.


■ Required requirements:
Those who have experience in developing Web systems and server-side applications using Java

■Years of Experience : 3 years


Job Position Web Engineer
Type of Job Full Time
Annual Income 4,000,000JPY ~ 8,500,000JPY
Location Tokyo Head Office
Working Time 9: 00-17: 30 (Regular working hours: 7 hours 45 minutes)
Trial Period Yes

Saturdays & Sundays
National holidays
Paid leaves (15 to 20 days)
Summer vacation (up to 5 days)
Year-end and New Year holidays (12 / 29 to 1/3)

What's on Offer

Commuting allowance
Family allowance
Housing allowance
Various social insurances

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