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[Remote Work Available] Front-end Developer for In-house/Outsource Projects

A4c419ca5b developer

Job Description

・ Design and implementation of the Web front end of the system used by the operation team, customers, and supply partners.
・ Formulation and implementation of UI / UX improvement plans based on coordination with the business side
・ Improvement of UI / UX based on various qualitative and quantitative research (user survey, log analysis, inquiry analysis, etc.)
・ Technology selection and verification of middleware, frameworks, etc.


[Must Have]
・ Ability to hear customer-optimized UI / UX and test hypotheses
・ Experience in front-end development and operation of WEB services
・ HTML, CSS, JavaScript (ES2015 +) coding experiences
・ Experience developing applications using JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS, React.js, and Vue.js.
・ Experience with typed languages such as TypeScript
・ Ability to improve the service experience from the user's perspective
・ Team development skills using Git / GitHub

[Welcome to Have]
・ Willingness to learn new technology
・ You can value teamwork
・ You can actively share your thoughts and ideas.

■Years of Experience : 3 years


Job Position Web Engineer
Type of Job Full Time
Annual Income -
Location Tokyo head office
Working Time Flextime system (Core time 11:00-16:00)
Trial Period Yes

Saturdays & Sundays
National holidays
Summer vacation
End / beginning of the year vacation
Paid holidays
Special leaves

What's on Offer

Various social insurances
Commute fee allowances
Child allowances
Relocation allowances

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