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Objective C
Smartphone App Development Engineer (Client-work dev.)

almost 2 years Ago

Job Description

【Job Details】
・Planning, design, implemetation of smartphone app
・iPhone/iPad app development
・Android app development
・Smartphone apps development which work together with external devices like Arudino
・Smartphone apps development using game engines such as Unity
・Development of digital signage
・Development of mobile web application

【Languages and frameworks used】
Objective-C, AndroidSDK, Java, JavaScript, Unity(C#) etc.


【Required Skills】
・Development experiences of smartphone apps such as Android/iOS

【Desired Skills】
・Ability to use project management tools like Git or Redmine
・Ability to explain technically and verify the needs of the client
・Ability to explain the spec needed for server-side, and design the API interface
・High interest to smartphones, not only Android but others as well, and to new technologies
・UX design, Web app development and other technical skills
・Presenting blogs, Github, or private project apps.


Job Position Mobile Engineer
Type of Job Full Time
Annual Income -
Location Kanagawa, Yokohama
Working Time 9:29~18:29

Five-day Workweek(Saturday, Sunday)
Holiday Leave
Paid Leave
Summer Vacation
Year-end and New Year Leave
Funeral Leave

What's on Offer

Various insurance programs

Additional Information

no dress code

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