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In-house application development (iOS Engineer)

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Job Description

You will be handling all the iOS application development for the food service DX platform "Okage series".
We would entrust you with the renewal development and additional function development of iOS apps such as self-checkout.
We develop with both Objective-C and Swift, and sometime also use React Native.

Our food service DX platform "Okage series" is the best service for DX and OMO because it can integrate and manage offline stores such as mobile ordering, self-checkout, and mobile POS and ordering / payment services for various online channels in the cloud.

Inquiries about the "Okage series" are increasing rapidly in response to needs for non-contact in the corona virus and for strengthening online channels such as take-out, delivery, and EC.
It has been introduced in many restaurants from major chains such as Thirty One Ice Cream and Tsukada Farm to individual stores, commercial facilities such as Premium Outlets, and J League soccer stadiums.
We also provide DX support for completely cashless stores centered on mobile orders, such as Blue Star Burger, which opened in Nakameguro in November last year.

Since we are a start-up company, regardless of the year of joining the company, we will leave the responsible work as an executive to those who are motivated.
With the speed and discretion of a startup, you can get involved in cutting-edge projects, so you can grow and achieve results many times faster than large companies.
Because it is an environment where it is easy to consult with seniors and colleagues, OJT allows mid-career employees and employees in their twenties who have no experience in the IT industry to quickly learn our work, and employees in the first year of joining the company are major mobile carriers and major companies. I am active as a responsible position in big projects with large companies such as food and drink chains.
We are also working on unpublished projects with world-leading tech companies such as GAFA companies.
Japan's first cashless specialty of Blue Star Burger, "Blue Star Burger," has been featured in many media outlets such as television and magazines.
The real thrill of our work is that there is room to develop completely new services not only in store operations but also in digital marketing such as social media.

Aiming for an IPO in 2023, we are looking for new members to strengthen our development system.
If you want to test your strength, take on new challenges, or get excited about the cutting-edge industry, please apply.

[Development environment / Technology used]
Objective-C, AngularJS, ReactNative, GoogleFirebase, AmazonWebService AppSync, GraphQL series a serialized set of programs More (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)


◆ Over 5 years of development in Objective-C or Swift

◆ Publishing experience on App Store and Play Store
◆ Basic knowledge about AWS, GCP, Firebase, etc.
◆ Understanding about TDD and CI / CD
◆ Knowledge about software architecture such as MVVM, MVC, MVP
◆ Development experience of Reactive Programming
◆ Android development experience or similar knowledge
◆ Development experience using React Native
◆ Basic knowledge about DB / SQL
◆ Experience of project leader or director
◆ Understanding of development methods such as waterfall and agile
◆ Experience in requirement definition and basic design
◆ Development / maintenance of SaaS products Operational experience

■Years of Experience : 5 years


Job Position Mobile Engineer
Type of Job Full Time
Annual Income 4,000,000JPY ~ 8,000,000JPY
Location 7-14 Akashicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Tsukiji Riverfront 4F
Working Time 10: 00-19: 00 * Flextime available (Core time: 10: 00-17: 00)
Trial Period Yes

* Saturdays and Sundays
* National holidays
* Year-end and New Year holidays
* Summer holidays
* Annual paid holidays
(127 days of annual holidays)

What's on Offer

* Remote work
* No dress code

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