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Front-end engineer in video distribution service

Job Description

<Business description>
You will be in charge of front-end development and implementation of Web services for the video distribution services.
Please work with the product manager and server engineer to design and develop the application from the WEB development environment construction.

Main business
・ Project estimation, design, development / functional improvement before and after release, bug handling
・ Communication related to server-side development
・ API consultation and how to proceed with development for planning, etc.


<Required requirements>
・ Over 5 years of experience as a front-end engineer
・ Experience in designing, developing, and operating SPAs using js frameworks such as React and Vue
・ General knowledge about Web service security

<Welcome requirements>
・ Knowledge about digital marketing
・ Experience of migrating to a new technology stack and instilling it in the team
・ Experience of designing, developing and operating using PHP
・ Experience of developing Smart-TV and PS4 applications

■Years of Experience : 5 years


Job Position Web Engineer
Type of Job Full Time
Annual Income 5,500,000JPY ~ 7,500,000JPY
Location Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Working Time 9:00 to 17:30 (7.5 hours of actual work, 1 hour of break)
Trial Period Yes

Saturdays & Sundays
National holidays
Summer vacation
Year-end and New Year holiday
Annual paid leave
Prenatal and postnatal leave
Childcare leave
Nursing leave,
Physiological leave, special leave (condolences, volunteers, etc.)

What's on Offer

Complete with social insurance (welfare annuity insurance, health insurance, workers' accident compensation insurance, employment insurance, etc.)
Salary increase (* Revised in June / December based on company performance and personal evaluation.)
Bonus (* In June / December based on the company performance and personal evaluation.)
Stock option system
Retirement allowance system
Fitness gym

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