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[Director] Direction work of "design from scratch" projects

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Job Description

This is a director team that is mainly in charge of a wide range of domestic and overseas clients in new website production and full renewal.
Currently, there are about 10 directors.

For a while after joining the company, you will learn the work in the form of an assistant of a senior director, so you do not have to worry even if you have little experience in the industry.
We hope that you will gradually get used to the environment and gain experience, and eventually you will play an active role as a contact point for clients and related parties as the main person in charge.

[WEB director work]
It covers a wide range of fields, such as negotiations with clients, analytical research, consulting, site design, steering of in-house designers and engineers, and progress management.
Ability as a generalist is required, but we flexibly adjust the projects and positions in charge according to individual abilities and characteristics.


We welcome those who like the WEB and digital, those who feel infinite possibilities, and those who want to make the world interesting.
Since all the work is to communicate directly with clients, it is suitable for those who are happy to create wonderful things with customers, those who like to talk with people, and those who can think logically. 

[Required skills]
・ Basic knowledge of websites such as HTML and CSS (self-taught okay)
・ Basic operation and communication skills of Word, Excel and PowerPoint

[Welcome experience]
・ Person who has practical experience of web production
・ Person who has studied at web design school
・ Person who has experience of creating website privately

[Welcome skills]
・ Presentation ability
・ Design skill
・ Programming skill
・ Sales skill

[Welcome person]
・ Those who can find a way to solve problems
・ Those who can work seriously
・ Those who can value teamwork

■Years of Experience : 1 year


Job Position Others
Type of Job Full Time
Annual Income 3,500,000JPY ~ 5,500,000JPY
Location -
Working Time -
Trial Period Yes

Saturdays & Sundays,
National holidays
Summer vacation
Year-end and New Year vacation
Paid vacation

What's on Offer

Commute fee allowance
Social insurances

Additional Information

[About the employment of corona sickness]
Our new corona infection prevention efforts started relatively early in March. And after a period of two and a half months of company-wide complete remote work , the state of emergency was lifted nationwide. Then, advanced From June 1st, we have switched to in-house work in order to restore the environment for development. We are taking various anti-infection measures along with the resumption of in-house work, so we would like to introduce some of them.

・ Formulation of infection prevention guidelines during commuting / working
・ Off-peak commuting to avoid congestion on commuting trains is supported by flextime attendance from 7:00 to 11:00
・ Workspace is social distance
・ Individual booth seats to prevent droplet infection
・ Each Install a personal alcohol cleaning bottle on the desk
・ Install 20 air purifiers along with ventilation on each floor
・ Install a disinfectant device for smartphones on each floor
・ Formulate new remote work rules

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Company Information


Five Star Interactive is a web production company celebrating its 16th anniversary this year.
We are involved in the production and operation of websites for famous brands not only in Japan but also overseas.

We believe that fulfilling private life leads to good work, so we have a corporate culture that emphasizes work-life balance.
It is an easy-to-work company that has less overtime and can take time off on Saturdays and Sundays.

Direct transactions without advertising agencies account for about 80%, and by communicating directly with client companies, there is no communication loss, leading to accurate and smooth production progress. In addition, the production is almost 100% completed by in-house designers and engineers, and it is unlikely that the production will be outsourced. This is also one of the reasons for smooth project progress.

Inexperienced people in the industry are also welcome, so if you want to start your career as a web director, or if you want to work with a good balance between public and private, please make an entry.

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Company Features

No Dress Code
Many Foreign Employees
Projects in English
Entrusted Development
Visa Supporting
Have Foreign Employees