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【Data Analyst】 (Jap Req) |★Internet Advertisement Company★

about 2 months Ago

Job Description

【About the company ...】
The company aims to be become a leading company that continues to create new value in the advertising media field. It supports efficient promotion and media monetization with high-quality ad technology and marketing technology that utilizes large-scale media data analysis. The company supports social change and believes in creating a better future, by providing ad technology and marketing technology, to support the digital transformation of client companies and create the future of the world's leading Japanese industry. They make emphasis on "individual growth" above all, the company aims to create an environment where diverse colleagues can learn from each other.

Also, the company has an in-house system that supports growth and welfare programs to focus on work. Like in-house massage, support for purchasing the latest mobile devices, etc.

【 Job Description 】

In this position, you will be responsible for the analysis of digital media and the analysis and proposal for the client business, which are the core of DMP (Data Management Platform) service.

■ Business description
・ Data design and algorithm development necessary for analysis
・ Planning and improvement points based on data analysis
・ Analysis of media reader data exceeding 1 billion IDs
・ KPI design and reporting / visualization
・ BI construction

▼ What makes this job attractive?

■ Gain wide experience as a data analyst.
■ After joining the company, there are members who have been active in learning SQL from the start.
■ You can acquire a wide perspective in cooperation with business and development.
■ Because it supports data analysis support of external business companies, you can be in touch with various industries and data.
■ We aim to create an environment where we can support and grow each other by adopting an agile method using Scrum and increasing communication among team members.


【 Requirements 】

■ Those who are interested and passionate about finding laws and usefulness from large amounts of data
・ Business understanding
・ Hypothesis construction and verification
・ Implementation of measures

■ Communication skills that can be easily explained to each person concerned
・ External, internal
・ Engineer, PM, Sales, etc ...

[Eligibility (WANT)]

■ Skills in data analysis

・ Basic understanding of SQL
・ Basic understanding of statistics (self-taught)
・ Knowledge about marketing

■ Work experience in data analysis
・ Understanding of machine learning and practical experience
・ Practical experience in data analysis and improvement proposals for apps and web services
・ Experience building BI tools

[Desired Person]

■ Those who have a strong desire for growth (those who want to absorb new technologies in greed)
■ Those who can face data analysis seriously, honestly, brightly and happily

■Years of Experience : 2 years


Job Position System Engineer
Type of Job Full Time
Annual Income 4,500,000JPY ~ 7,000,000JPY
Location Tokyo, Minato-ku
Working Time 9:30~18:30

【 Holidays】
<123 days or more annual holiday>

■ Full weekly 2-day system (Saturday and Sunday)
■ Holidays
■ Annual paid leave (granted for 10 days after 3 months)
■ Summer vacation (3 days)
■ New Year holidays
■ Condolences and congratulations leave

What's on Offer

【 Welfare 】

■ Various social insurance
■ Full payment of transportation expenses (up to 50,000 yen / month)
■ Family vacation
■ Neighborhood housing assistance
■ Neighboring moving assistance (200,000 yen provided for the first time only)
■ Employee Stock Ownership Association
■ The latest mobile device purchase assistance
■ Team building support system
■ In-house massage (treatment by professional masseur)
■ Qualification assistance (provided qualification examination fee)

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Company Information

G Talent at Bizmates,Inc.

G Talent is an IT recruitment service for foreign IT talents and Japanese bilingual operated by Bizmates, the No. 1 online business English school in Japan. The "G" stands for "Global" and we specialize in placing international IT talent in jobs that allow them to thrive and grow in Japan.
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Company Website

Number of Employees


Company Features

No Dress Code
Many Foreign Employees
Projects in English
In-house Development
Have Japanese Class
Visa Supporting
Have Foreign Employees