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Hiring C#Engineers(No Experience Required with Ruby on Rails!)

Job Description

This position works with the development of ”firstcall” an off-site medical consultation service.
(Once hired by our company, you will be sent to another smaller company.) 

▼What's ”firstcall”
This is an off-site medical consultation service which is able to use by chat or TV phone.
Doctors from pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry,internal department etc give counsel.
They give you advice about your/your family's body-condition problems.
You can feel free to ask your health.

【Specific Job Details】
・Working on new features for pre-exisiting services
・Developing brand new services


【Required Skills】
3 or more years of experience with development with C♯

【Beneficial Skills】
-Experience with web application, maintence, and operation with Ruby on Rails
-Experience with having presentations or seminars on code review

【What we look for in people】
-a genuine passion for programming, and who openly shares their work on platforms such as GitHub
-a strong set of communication skills when working with other departments
-a proactive mindset on their work
-a mutual understanding of our company values and ethics

【Programming Environment】
In the process of developing new services, not only does our company incorporate the latest technology and language, we also open-mindedly include ideas brought forth by the team.

■Years of Experience : 3 years


Job Position Web Engineer
Type of Job Full Time
Annual Income 5,000,000JPY ~ 8,000,000JPY
Location Nomurafudousan Bld.11kai, 6-18-2, Ginza, Chuo Ku, Tokyo To, 104-0061, Japan
Working Time 9:30~18:30 ※Flex Time(Core Times 11:00~15:00) ※Engineers & Designers fall under the Discretionary Labor System
Trial Period Yes

-Weekends (Saturdays, Sundays) & National Holidays
-Paid Leave
-Summer Vacation
-New Year`s
-Special Leave

What's on Offer

-Insurance (Pension, health insurance, employment insurance, labor accident insurance)
-Transportation Expenses
-Parental Leave
-Health Check-ups
-Online Medical Consultation (first call)
-Flu Shots

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Company Information

メドピア (Medpeer) 株式会社

Management of doctor-only community site "MedPeer" and other related businesses
-Clinical and career support business for doctors
-Corporate marketing support and advertising/research business
-Public health promotion/prevention support project

Company Website

Number of Employees


Company Features

No Dress Code
In-house Development