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Hiring SREs(Site Reliability Engineer)!!

Job Description

This position works with each of our business`s infrastructure constructions/operations and development process improvements. Our mission is to improve on our development environment.

【Current Development Environment】
At our company, all of our services are built on AWS. Our main development languages include Ruby/ PHP / Golgang. Additionally, we use MySQL / Maria DB / Aurora for our database. For log collection and analysis we use Fluentd / ElasticSearch / Kibana. The infrastructure is AWS. Packer and Terraform are used for composition management, Capistrano for deployment tools, New Relic and Mackerel for performance monitoring.  Team developments are worked on GitHub, task management on JIRA, information sharing on Confluence, and chats through Slack. 

【Specific Job Details】
・Develop and operate a back end system in order to stabilize traffic on our products. 
・Improve perfomance on application and middleware in order for fast response. 
・Develop and operate deployment/operate automatation tools
・Build and run a log collection/analysis base for fast data analysis
・Build and run a monitoring enviroment to administer failure detection and capacity planning
・Build and create an environment that allows for fast yet stable product development, QA, and CI.


【Required Skills】
-Infrastructure building and operation through cloud services such as AWS
-Buiding and opertaing middleware softwares such as MySQL

【Beneficial Skills】
-Programming(Language inconsequential)
-System tuning (DB,  query, etc.) work experience
-Web service operation work experience
-Problem solving skills
-Able to scale according to costs

【What we look for in people】
-a challenger who is not afraid to make mistakes
-a person who is able to come up with solutions and act on it
-a proactive mindset on their work
-a mutual understanding of our company values and ethics

【Programming Environment】
In the process of developing new services, not only does our company incorporate the latest technology and language, we also open-mindedly include ideas brought forth by the team.

■Years of Experience : 1 year


Job Position DevOps Engineer
Type of Job Full Time
Annual Income 4,000,000JPY ~ 8,000,000JPY
Location Nomurafudousan Bld.11kai, 6-18-2, Ginza, Chuo Ku, Tokyo To, 104-0061, Japan
Working Time 9:30~18:30 ※Flex Time(Core Time 11:00~15:00) ※Engineers & Designers fall under the Discretionary Labor System
Trial Period Yes

-Weekends (Saturdays, Sundays) & National Holidays
-Paid Leave
-Summer Vacation
-New Year`s
-Special Leave

What's on Offer

-Insurance (Pension, health insurance, employment insurance, labor accident insurance)
-Transportation Expenses
-Parental Leave
-Health Check-ups
-Online Medical Consultation (first call)
-Flu Shots

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メドピア (Medpeer) 株式会社

Management of doctor-only community site "MedPeer" and other related businesses
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