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English - Business
Ruby on Rails
Amazon Web Services
Circle CI
【Lead Engineer】Interested in working for Start up? RoR Programmer Wanted!

Job Description

HR tech is growing. As the ways of working change, companies and organizations have to change themselves to be much better place to work for. BetterEngage supports those companies to be able to collect HR data, to analyze those data and to make a great people strategies in a data driven way. In that sense BetterEngage is the center for the Human Resource people to be a strategic HR.

We are creating New type of Human Capital Management System , which is User Friendly System (like Slack) / Track the transaction (like Salesforce) / Analytics Rich (like google analytics).

*Application and Data*
Ruby: 2.5.0, Ruby on Rails: 5.2.0, RSpec
ReactJS / Redux
Python: 3.6, AWS Sage maker, GCP
AWS EC2, RDS for Aurora, S3, Redis, NginX / puma

Google Analytics, Sendgrid, Amazon Route 53

Github, Sentry, Webpack, Sentry, Logentries, Data Dog, AWS Cloudwatch, AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Jest, Enzyme, Docker, CircleCI

*Business tools*
G Suite, Slack


Great environment to work ~ Japanese English mixed environment / Remote work is possible / Team building diners / Learning Support / Stock Option ~

■Years of Experience : 4 years


Job Position Web Engineer
Type of Job Full Time
Annual Income 3,600,000JPY ~ 6,000,000JPY
Payment details
Transportation Fee Relocation Fee
Location 東京都渋谷区恵比寿南3-5-7 デジタルゲートビル 2F
Working Time -
Trial Period Yes

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Company Information


We provide BetterEngage, which is People Analytics tool for strategic HR.
BetterEngage is the simple unified HR platform, connecting to other HR systems by API and RPA so that we can collect all HR data automatically in a company and help HR people to do People Analytics and to change their workforce to be much better!

Human Resource in companies is Changing rapidly. They used to rely only on their feelings and experiences. But as the cloud computing and big data is growing, it is time for HR decision making process to change.
Analyzing HR data helps HR people to understand their organizations and what should be the next step to make their company much better. This process is called People Analytics.

BetterEngage is the key for this change. We use API and RPA technology to collect all the HR data in a company and automatically analyze those data to show insights.

But the thing is, this is not the end. Our goal is very big. We are now creating BetterEngage AI Project.
Because we have all HR data inside BetterEngage, our AI can help HR teams to understand why they have high turnover rate and who might think about leaving the company. Or our AI can help hiring (sourcing) process be more efficient using our algorithm.

By People Analytics and People Prediction, HRs will change dramatically.

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No Dress Code
Many Foreign Employees
Projects in English
In-house Development
Visa Supporting
Have Foreign Employees