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Back-end engineer for DevOps team

22 days Ago

Job Description

Support for the planning, design, and running of infrastructure management, CI, OpsAutomation, etc. for our scalable Backend service 

Employing the following technology:
・Microservice Architecture written by Go-lang or C#
・Kubernates (AKS / GKE)
・mongodb / redis / mysql / elastic / neo4j
・and more


more than 5 years of experience in backend development or infrastructure management

more than 2 years of experience in the following skills
- Lang: golang(main), C#
- DB: mongodb(main), mysql(sub), redis(sub)
- Infra: docker, (kubernetes)

Wants to work at a small venture company
Interested in cloud-native scalable infrastructure
Interested in utilizing automation tools

■Years of Experience : 5 years


Job Position Infrastructure Engineer
Type of Job
Annual Income 5,000,000JPY ~ 8,000,000JPY
Location remote work
Working Time Flextime
Trial Period Yes

Weekends/national holidays

Additional Information

No dress code, no transfers

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Company Information


Development of SaaS/PaaS for business use

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Company Features

No Dress Code
Many Foreign Employees
Projects in English
In-house Development
Little Extra Work Hours
Have Foreign Employees