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In-house Web Programmer

Job Description

You will mostly be responsible for development of our internal systems (renewals, adding new features, etc.) and developing new services.

Our services:

● In-house Development
We are in the process of renewing our customer information database. You will also create new features in order to more smoothly deliver service to our customers. Someone familiar with API such as AWS is welcome.

● New Services
For example, we have a product「SAVE ON CLOUD FOR ネットワークカメラ」so businesses can save data from security cameras in the cloud. You will improve and expand this and other products that we provide.


【Required Skills for Full-time and Dispatch】  
●Programming experience in PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. 
※Any number of years
※Non-Japanese are welcome!

【Desired Skills】 
○System development using API
○Planning/developing experience for an in-house service
○Knowledge and experience with cloud servers like AWS 

【Desired Personality】 
○Works well in a relaxed environment, apply yourself to the job
○Wants to work freelance style but with a stable income (for dispatch position)
○Wants to be involved in development of new services
○Looking for a workplace with good work-life balance
○Able to dive in and use new technologies quickly
【Required Skills for Full-time Non-experienced】 
● Programming experience in PHP, MySQL, etc.
※Self-taught, programming course, fresh out of graduate program all welcome
※Non-Japanese are welcome! 

※Must be able to show your past development project to gauge your programming skill 
(Forum, shopping cart, database, website, anything!)

【Desired Personality】  
○Takes initiative in learning new programming skill 
○Doesn't wait around for someone to tell you what to do
○Has keen interest in new technologies 
○Wants to develop career as a programmer

■Years of Experience : Not required


Job Position System Engineer
Type of Job
Annual Income 3,000,000JPY ~ 4,500,000JPY
Location Shinagawa, Tokyo
Working Time -
Trial Period Yes

Weekends, Public holidays, Winter & summer break, Golden Week, Special leave, Paid leave

What's on Offer

Transportation expenses
Raises according to increase in skill level, bonuses
Social insurance

Additional Information

No dress code, non-experienced welcome

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Company Features

No Dress Code
Little Extra Work Hours
In-house Development
Entrusted Development
Projects in English
Visa Supporting