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Seeking Native Game Application Developers

almost 2 years Ago

Job Description

We have an abundance of experienced employees who excel at what they do, we strive to be consistent in all phases of game development: from planning to maintenance. Not only will you be working on internal products but you will also have the opportunity to work with other companies to turn their feature phone games into smartphone games. We are looking for skilled applicants to help provide new services.


【Necessary Skills】
・Game development (all languages and experience welcome)
・Knowledge of how to use a PC
・The drive to make something for the smartphone
・A positive outlook
・The want to grow with our company
・Someone who wants to make a successful project and is willing to play catch up

【Preferred Skills】
・A main program (any size)
・Experience developing games with Unity
・Experience working in collaboration with other companies
・Team leader experience
・Expertise in one field of game development
・Not just smartphones, but an interest in mobile games as a whole
・You are someone who is looking to eventually become a producer or director
・You have a passion for making games
・You take responsibility for your work and strives to accomplish your goals

■Years of Experience : 2 years


Job Position Game Engineer
Type of Job Full Time
Annual Income 3,000,000JPY ~
Location Shinjuku, Tokyo
Working Time 10:00~19:00

Five-day Workweek(Saturday, Sunday Leave)
National holidays
Paid Leave
Summer Vacation
Year-end and New Year Leave
Funeral Leave
Paid Leave

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