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IT Engineers Wanted! System Engineers/Programmers

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Job Description

Build your career with us.
You will work on system development (mainly open source, web, control/embedded). Clients come from a variety of industries: government offices, medical, mass communication, municipalities, manufacturers, logistics, construction, etc. You will have the chance to shape projects from specifications and basic design, giving lots of chance to gain experience.

[A Career Plan for You]
We consult with all new hires to define the best environment for their growth potential. Projects are assigned based on each person's place of residence, skill level, preferred working environment, etc. 
We are ready for you to become a part of our team. Those who want the challenge of being project managers/leaders are welcome!

Our company has been very profitable and growing in recent years. We accept many large projects so engineers are placed on one project for the long-term. We carefully watch working conditions, checking up on progress and making sure our engineers are not being overworked by clients.


★★★Business level Japanese (N2 or higher)★★★

[Looking for Motivated People, Even Non-experienced Welcome]

◆University graduate (or higher)
◆Some skill in systems or development (open source, web, control/embedded, any area)
◆30% of our staff are non-Japanese. The main office language is Japanese.

[Desired Skills] Any of the following
◆Development experience in UNIX, Linux, or Windows environment  
◆Knowledge of Oracle, SQL Server 
◆Experience with Java , C#, C, C+, C++, VC++, .Net, VB, PHP, SQL, UML, XML 

[Does this sound like you?]
◆Willing to advance career by jumping all in to a high-level environment
◆Looking to the future to create your own unique career path
◆Confident in yourself with desire to try new things

[Profiles of Our Employees]
◆Ms. A (23 years old, Programmer, 1st year)
 Logistics system development
 Technologies: Java, FW (JSF), Oracle, SQL
 Team: 15-20 members for 24 months
 Responsibilities: Detailed design, development, unit testing, integration testing
 Programmers are also responsible for making invoices, estimates, and forms.

◆Mr. B (25 years old, System engineer, 4th year)
 CAD designer of sheet metal machinery
 Technologies: VC++
 Team: 8-12 members for 12 months
 Responsibilities: From basic design to maintenance, improvements, adding new components
 Constantly brushing up on skills by participating in development of advanced control systems. Continues to gain confidence as an IT worker.

◆Ms. C (28 years old, Programmer, 7th year)
 Pension system development, maintenance
 Technologies: Java, Struts, Oracle 11g, Tomcat JP1
 Team: 100-150 members for 18 months
 Responsibilities: Basic design, development, unit testing, integration testing
 Gaining knowledge and sense through overseeing entire development process. Aim is to become a master of all aspects of system engineering.

■Years of Experience : 1 year


Job Position System Engineer
Type of Job
Annual Income 3,500,000JPY ~ 6,500,000JPY
Location Tokyo area
Working Time 10:00~19:00 or 9:00~18:00
Trial Period Yes

~120 days or more off per year~
Public holidays
Paid leave (average employee uses 80% or more)
Winter holiday
Special leave
Maternity/childcare leave (employees have taken in the past)

What's on Offer

Annual raise and bonuses
Social insurance
Transportation expenses (up to 40,000 JPY)
Allowance for receiving certifications

Additional Information

Salary examples:
◆Vocational school fresh graduate: ¥190,000/month
◆4-year university fresh graduate: ¥210,000/month
◆Master's program fresh graduate: ¥220,000/month
◆Mid-career: ¥240,000-450,000/month
*Includes 20 hours of overtime pay whether you have worked that or not.
*Any overtime over 20 hours per month will be paid extra.

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Company Information

marimo Global Technology Co., Ltd.

Outsourced application development
Building, setup, and maintenance of software systems
IT system consulting
Dispatch of IT workers

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Company Features

Many Foreign Employees
Little Extra Work Hours
Entrusted Development
Visa Supporting
Have Foreign Employees