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 Tokyo, Minato-ku

【About the company ...】

The company aims to expand its business in IT and Fashion, focusing on service development and management. Their service consist in clothes rental service by a monthly subscription. It is a completely new fashion rental service where professional stylists coordinate and deliver clothes, taking into account the size, taste and style the customer wants to challenge. In about four years since the release, the number of members exceeded 250,000. In the future, they are planning to improve the accuracy of styling operations by analyzing customer preferences and stylist selection patterns based on accumulated data. They want to enrich the lifestyle of busy modern women.

▼ What makes this job attractive?
The company's working culture is designed for everyone to be able to speak flat regardless of the position. For this reason, there are no titles in the company, and they call each other with their nicknames. Communication across business divisions is necessary since they are growing fast, they need to be able to judge things quickly. For this purpose, communication across business units is essential. In order to create an environment that facilitates communication, they are committed to creating a fashionable office where all members can see their faces.

【 Job Description 】

■Development Engineer
You will be involved in all development related to the company's service.
・ Build a new service from scratch to change the user's lifestyle.
・ Improve service while rotating the cycle from proposal to improvement / release in a short period of time.

Specifically, from back-end development using Node.js, front-end development using react, Angular, etc. iOS / Android application development, infrastructure construction, data / image / log analysis using python, etc. You can engage in the development you want to do.

■Front-End Engineer
Lead the front end development of the service.
・ Developing a website that considers the UX of the service in cooperation with designers.
・ Technical service improvement and proposals.

Specifically, from development of management screens using AngularJS, development of user web using react and production of other campaign pages,
If you are interested, you will develop an API using node.js.
CSS Processor that uses Stylus and PostCSS.

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 Tokyo, Minato-ku

【About the company ...】
The company aims to be become a leading company that continues to create new value in the advertising media field. It supports efficient promotion and media monetization with high-quality ad technology and marketing technology that utilizes large-scale media data analysis. The company supports social change and believes in creating a better future, by providing ad technology and marketing technology, to support the digital transformation of client companies and create the future of the world's leading Japanese industry. They make emphasis on "individual growth" above all, the company aims to create an environment where diverse colleagues can learn from each other.

Also, the company has an in-house system that supports growth and welfare programs to focus on work. Like in-house massage, support for purchasing the latest mobile devices, etc.

【 Job Description 】

In this position, you will be responsible for the analysis of digital media and the analysis and proposal for the client business, which are the core of DMP (Data Management Platform) service.

■ Business description
・ Data design and algorithm development necessary for analysis
・ Planning and improvement points based on data analysis
・ Analysis of media reader data exceeding 1 billion IDs
・ KPI design and reporting / visualization
・ BI construction

▼ What makes this job attractive?

■ Gain wide experience as a data analyst.
■ After joining the company, there are members who have been active in learning SQL from the start.
■ You can acquire a wide perspective in cooperation with business and development.
■ Because it supports data analysis support of external business companies, you can be in touch with various industries and data.
■ We aim to create an environment where we can support and grow each other by adopting an agile method using Scrum and increasing communication among team members.

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(About the company …)

The company provides a new surprise to the way users work with a simple interface and detailed policy settings that anyone can use, and also provide service to greatly enhance the value of business communication assets.

(About the Role)

As a server side engineer, you will be responsible for the overall back end of the business service, mainly API development and maintenance.

◆ Specifically
・ Design, development and improvement of existing systems on the backend side
・ System tuning improvements
・ Development of scripts that run on some infrastructure, etc.

【Development environment】
■ Language used: PHP7
■ Server: Linux (Debian) / Nginx / MySQL
■ Infrastructure: AWS
■ Version control: Git
Project management tool: Gitlab
■ Communication tool: Business chat

◆ What’s attractive?
① Accelerate your growth!
Because this is a small project, you can participate as a back-end engineer. Each project is aimed at release while actively discussing with other members, so it can be a very exciting experience, and because it has great discretion, you can actively adopt good ideas.

② Develop a service that you use every day!
It is also used for in-house communication, and because it will develop a service that you use every day, it is one of the best things that the improvement you have made leads to the improvement of your work efficiency. . I think that it will be very rewarding because the feedback from users will be immediately available.

③ Global development experience!
In Suzhou, China, there is a development base and there are cases where simple exchanges with local engineers in English (or Chinese) occur, so it is possible to gain global development experience.

★ Challenging work ★

● There are over 5,000 companies using the service, and it is still growing!
● We are looking for technical back-end engineers for further growth of the company.

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 Tokyo, Shinagawa-ku, Gotanda

【企業について】・About the Company...


Although the number of employees is around 100, the company has achieved increased sales and profits for the 11th consecutive year, and they have also been listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Their location-based game involving railway stations have aquired a lot of fans, collaborated with major railway companies, and have had a major impact on the economy around the stations. They have started building a blockchain platform recently, and they have a great potential to grow further.

【仕事内容】・Job Description

Depending on your skill and what you want to, you will be responsible for one of the following tasks.

◆ソーシャルアプリの開発( Social application development )
The product, location-based game, uses the GPS function to exchange specific points between users in real time. It also provides a way to enjoy life logs that record travel.

◆モバイルコンテンツの開発( Mobile contents development )

Provide services such as a site where you can download high-quality ringtones, a free app that allows you to set ringtones in conjunction with alarms and weather forecasts, and original music production.

◆ブロックチェーン関連事業の開発( Block-chain platform development )
Starting in 2018, they have started a new business related to block-chain aiming to popularize distributed applications (DApps).

Each project has a team of about 5 people including directors and web designers. Engineers are in charge of the server side, DB, and front end depending on the field of expertise and the area you want to challenge.

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 Saitama, Kumagaya

About the Company..

A leading global biopharmaceutical company, has been inventing for life, bringing forward medicines and vaccines for many of the world’s most challenging diseases. This company works with customers and operates in over 140 countries to deliver innovative health solutions.

About your new Role…

The company currently has an exciting opportunity to work as an IT specialist to support IT systems within manufacturing operations. The person will be responsible for: Resolving IT issues, Implementation of IT changes, Troubleshooting in compliance with SDLC(software development lifecycle), GMP(good manufacturing practice), Safety, and Environmental Regulations, and Leading application and automation projects as act as a change agent to drive transformation and innovation practices.

Primary Activities and Responsibilities

-Provide and share technical knowledge/advice to Manufacturing Operations on computerized/ automation systems.
-Act as a Business Analyst to drive business values and supports a continuous improvement framework within IT and the IPT(integrated production team).
-Maximizes production capacity through timely completion of planned maintenance activities and effectively resolving unplanned downtime and events
-Coordinates IT system maintenance, including system backup, disaster recovery, and obsolescence activities, and ensures automation systems remain in a validated state
-Demonstrate abilities to apply effective root cause analysis and troubleshooting techniques to support the resolution of incidents, events, deviations, atypical investigations and fault reports related to IT and ensures all the resolution are effectively implemented within the agreed time frame to prevent recurrence.
-Ensures timely resolution of identified IT issues and unplanned events identified in the daily walk-through
-Supports annual IT System review process, including: data-gathering, analysis, preparing annual performance reports and ensures actions are completed on time and meet regulatory requirements
-Provides IT support for capital and other site projects and perform IT change controls to ensure that changes are raised and closed on time following the required quality standards.
-Manages Project Schedule to ensure that manufacturing is not impacted.
-Achieves IT cost effectiveness and product cost reduction targets set in the Profit Plan, with particular emphasis on automation and waste reduction
-Stay current with industry best practices and trends. Assist in the IT roadmaps for Japan.
-Collaborate with the capability architects to migrate Japan towards future state plans and improve Company’s enterprise architecture.
-Driving application of latest technologies such like IoT, Robotics Process Automation and Big Data for Production shop floor as for assistance of Advanced Manufacturing.

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