Since it was founded in Osaka in 2003, FUTUREK has developed a unique position where it provides not only essential system development to businesses in various industries, but also produces advertising and creative work such as websites and apps.

FUTUREK continuously works to push established ideas and concepts to greater heights. In particular the company focuses on delivering exciting and creative work much faster than has traditionally been possible in this industry.

To extend its possibilities, FT was founded in Tokyo in 2015. This creative boutique agency uses the latest digital technology to deliver top class digital communication.

The combination of FUTUREK and FT makes the perfect one-stop solution for clients.

Representative 神田 宗秋
Capital ¥10,000,000
Established Date 2003-10
Number Of Employees 32
Special Features No Dress Code, In-house Development, Entrusted Development
Address Yodogawa-ku, OSAKA
Homepage https://www.futurek.com/